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The Art of Cognitive Transmission of Martial Movement and Emotion



The Shen-Fa(身法)Method, founded by Crimean-born martial arts pioneer Svitlana Zavialova, is the art of cognitive transmission of emotions through martial movement—in other words, a way to channel one’s emotions by connecting them to innovative movement forms. 


The forms of The Shen-Fa Method consist of a reinterpretation of ancient mind-body practices, including Qigong, Tai-Chi, and conventional and unconventional styles of Wushu (Chinese martial arts). Combative movement mixes with flowing, dance-like performance routines to promote concentration, creativity, resilience, and problem-solving skills, as well as to cultivate energy. 


These practices are best suited for high-output, high-performance professionals, such as public speakers, painters, scientists, performance artists, lawyers, filmmakers, engineers, executives, etc.

As connectivity and technological advancement proceed at breakneck pace, we see the world venturing further into the realm of the immaterial, and the possibility to lead a more philosophical, symbolic form of existence. The Shen-Fa Method provides a way to connect to the mystery of the past as it transforms into this immaterial future, and to experience one’s embodied cognition as a form of artistry. 

Photographer Ana. Sava

After becoming the Traditional World Wushu Champion in 2012 year, Zavialova, known professionally as Wu Woman, spent ten years in China researching the most unusual styles of Chinese traditional martial arts, and their integration with non-combative art forms. She is currently based in New York City, where she nurtures and inspires a burgeoning community of artists, scientists, performers, and thinkers of all types. 


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"I think Shen-Fa is expressed when the external body is able to express the internal one. There's a sense of freedom when emotions and ideas that emerge without words find exact movements for it to be felt and understood . It is an artistic interdisciplinary movement, which comes with practice of martial arts and choosing who you are. Wu Woman teachings and philosophy pave a way to transmit cognitive choice with our bodies, the closest weapon we could posses. As a scientist I think this practice fills a gap between the mind and the body and makes me realize my own power. I am very humbled and grateful to be part of the Wu Woman community"

Reem Taibah, Physicist Paris, France


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The Art of Cognitive Transmission of Martial Movement and Emotion


An installation diary by The Kung Fu Visionary artist Svitlana Zavialova known as Wu Woman.


Devoting a decade in China to the passionate pursuit of immaterial force in wushu. Svitlana’s writing aims to invoke the ability to feel and move the invisible internal element in martial arts.


The text is centered around multiple movement art forms, where martial movement is presented as a vehicle for storytelling. 


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