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"In the fortress of my art form I stand.

This fortress is built of love for my practice.

Love has always been enough.

Love is an impeccable sword."


Wu Woman

Svitlana Zavialova, aka Wu Woman, is a performance artist, actress, martial artist, a World Champion in traditional Wushu experienced in a wide array of traditional kung fu styles and weapons, and the founder of The Shen-fa Method: The Art of Cognitive Transmission of Martial Movement and Emotion.

Wu Woman - Photographer - Wanimal


"Martial art embodies power and the dynamic of conflict. I redefine it as martial movement -- a language that communicates the multiplicity of human emotions. 

I choose martial movement as a sensory metaphor to convey love."


Svitlana Zavialova



Svitlana is a World Champion in Musical Forms of Martial Arts as well as Traditional World Wushu (Kung fu) Champion, and a former host of Real Kung Fu Experience on China Central TV, Channel 1. In her solo live show Hidden Wu, based on an introspective monologue of Wu Ze Tian, the vigilant Empress of China and her inner life journey, has been showcased worldwide. It was also performed at the Divided Unity Contemporary Exhibition – one of the biggest contemporary exhibitions in Asia. Zavialova was honored to be the only western performer ever invited to perform a modern contemporary piece based on the life of a historical Chinese figure.

The Wu Woman pushes the existing constructs about what martial arts is. She pursues the phenomenon of “Shen-fa”; the unspoken connection between the body and mind.

Since wrapping her competitive wushu career in 2012, Svitlana performed in and directed a variety of films, television, commercials, conceptual installations and live performance shows, including Mandarin Bridge, one of the biggest live TV shows on Chinese television, directed by Xie Fu Yin, collaborated on development of the latest Virtual reality camera with Kandao Technologies, performed at New York Fashion week 2019 teaming up with sustainable fashion brand Wone.

Zavialova has created Visionary Warrior Experience, continuing her innovative coalescence of Wushu, Performing Arts, consciousness and cutting edge science.

Martial Movement

& Feminine Power

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Listen to this episode of The Cultured Podcast to hear how Svitlana founded a new method of martial art, how that art fosters a growing community, and why that community sees Svitlana as more than an artist, but a modern-day philosopher.



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